Rian Johnson Believes He Did a Pretty Good Job with The Last Jedi

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It's been nearly five years since the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and it continues to be the most-talked-about entry in Disney's sequel trilogy. Of course, most of you are already aware that the 2017 film received generally negative reactions from fans and critics alike. But despite its questionable creative direction, Episode VIII has developed a cult-like following over the years, and to some, it's a well-constructed film.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Rian Johnson is making headlines lately as the director looks back on the film's legacy and the impact it made on the franchise. Now, if you were wondering whether or not he regrets anything about The Last Jedi and how he handled things, the Knives Out filmmaker will tell you like it is and to put it simply, no, he feels no regrets about it.

Speaking with Gizmodo, Johnson said that he did everything in his power to make The Last Jedi great and even thanked Lucasfilm for helping him realize his vision for the franchise. He said: "No that's one thing I can say, that I put everything into a Star Wars movie that I could possibly want in a Star Wars movie... I think... that's what defines the experience for me looking back on it and why I feel... just so thankful for it and... "

Rian continued: "I feel like for better or for worse I had my chance at the plate. I swung. I was very lucky to get to do [that]... [and thanks to] the people at Disney and Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy... [for] protect[ing] the creative process so that we could really go in and I could really do what I wanted... That's one thing I don't feel any regrets about or anything like that."

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Meanwhile, Johnson is getting his second shot at Star Wars and if you haven't heard yet, he's currently signed on to helm his own trilogy. Considering he regrets nothing about The Last Jedi's creative direction, it's almost safe to assume that he'll use the same formula for his upcoming project. Hopefully, it won't be as divisive.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is available for streaming on Disney+.