Rian Johnson Approves of These Last Jedi-Inspired Cocktails

It may be a while before Star Wars comes back to the big screen, but the fandom continues to thrive online, be it in the form of memes or artwork. What's great is, @DarthMaullie has come up with some great cocktails inspired by the planets of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and they've gotten the attention of director Rian Johnson.

Check them out:

While I think that the Crait cocktail is definitely clever, I'm curious about what she was going for when she came up with the Ach-To mix. While it does look like the color of porgs, you'd think that there would be some nod to the green milk that Luke drinks out of the Thala-siren. I guess that would be the Absinthe because it's green? Honestly I'm just basing it off looks and I have no experience with making custom cocktails.

Going back to Johnson though, we have yet to get any updates on his Star Wars trilogy. It seemed like Lucasfilm was ready to work with him some more after the critical success of The Last Jedi, but the backlash of angry fanboys has likely opted Disney to put his project in the backburner, even doing a ‘course-correct' with The Rise of Skywalker.

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Personally, I think Johnson is a good director, and his decisions for The Last Jedi were more true to the spirit of Star Wars than the other two entries. I mean, looking at the Sequel Trilogy as a whole, TLJ was the only film you felt was a work of creativity; unlike the nostalgia-baiters that were TFA and TROS.

Sorry, fanboys.

For now, the next big Star Wars project is The Mandalorian Season 2, and it's expected to hit Disney+ this October.

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