Rey Skywalker Remains Disney Star Wars' Most Hated Character

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The Star Wars franchise has long had its fair share of polarizing characters — from the original trilogy's Ewoks to the prequels' Jar Jar Binks. On the Disney side of things, no character has been vilified more than Rey.

Initially seen by many as someone who showed a tremendous amount of promise, the hate surrounding Daisy Ridley's character began to manifest after 2017's The Last Jedi and her arc in The Rise of Skywalker only made things worse with the whole "Rey Skywalker" thing.

Now, four years removed from the culmination of the Skywalker Saga and it appears that Rey is still one of the most, if not the most hated Star Wars character from the franchise's "Disney era".

Four Years After the Sequels Ended, Rey Skywalker Remains Star Wars' Most Hated Character

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The official Twitter handle for Star Wars UK hyped up the polarizing Jedi, asking fans what their favorite moment from her entire sequel trilogy outing is. While there are folks who genuinely liked the character, the tweet's replies still saw a lot of Rey's critics and it turns out, she still hasn't won them over.

One fan even responded, saying Rey is "the worst character in History". That's just harsh. Check out the divided reactions here:

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To be fair, it wasn't Daisy's fault that Rey ultimately became the franchise's most loathed character. If anything, it's the poor creative direction that led to her being perceived in a polarizing way, hence the whole "Mary Sue" discourse.

Thankfully, Lucasfilm now has the opportunity to redeem the character in the next Star Wars film. While we don't expect Rey's critics to change their minds right away, we're hopeful that the creative minds working on the "New Jedi Order" movie will refrain from committing the previous mistakes the sequel trilogy made with her.

There's still hope that Lucasfilm can turn things around and establish Rey as a Jedi everyone can root for.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's Star Wars film is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2025.

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