Ray Park’s Wife Releases Statement on Star Wars Actor’s Scandal

Darth Maul actor Ray Park had recently got into some trouble online when photos of what looked to be ‘revenge porn' were uploaded and deleted on his Instagram. With everyone debating over whether this was on purpose or by a hacker, Park's wife Lisa has released a statement about the whole thing.

This was her post on IG:

While Lisa Park is clear when it comes to her statement, a lot of people are still wondering how much of it is actually true. Some suspect that she could be saving face for her family, claiming that the posts were too specific to be accidental.

We don't know how all of this is going to do down, but Park's career is definitely in jeopardy ever since the scandal erupted online. A lot of people have been calling for him to be removed from the Darth Maul role (should there be one for a live-action series), and replaced with voice actor Sam Witwer. Rumors have even been coming out that Disney is already looking to replace him in the part.

For now, I think it's just best that we wait and see what happens. Some claim that Park has always had this kind of behavior and think it's about time that he's finally called out for it. On the other hand, he has contributed a lot to the Maul character, and it feels kind of unfair that the character would have a return to live-action without Park. Hopefully, this statement from Lisa Park is enough.

No announcement has been made for Maul's return to Star Wars.

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