RAIN Revelation: Top Star Says He ‘Hates’ Wearing Matchy Items With Wife Kim Tae Hee

Credit: Season B Season / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Season B Season / YouTube screenshot

While most couples like to pair things with their other half, RAIN had a different stance on the trend of wearing “couple items.”

On his YouTube channel, the singer-actor invited DAVICHI's member Kang Min Kyung for his new episode of RAIN's Kitchen where he briefly shared his relationship with Kim Tae Hee.

As reported by SBS Star, RAIN was asked whether he owned something matchy with his wife.

It came after the Ghost Doctor star got curious about Kang Min Kyung’s ring and asked what it was, to which she explained that it was a “matching ring” with her fellow member Lee Hae Ri.

As for RAIN, he revealed that he and Kim Tae Hee don't own “matchy things.”

"You know what I hate the most? It's couples wearing exactly the same t-shirt as each other,” he said, however, he likes to wear almost the same stuff as with his wife but not totally matching.

“I'll probably be okay if I wore my style of striped t-shirt and she wore her style of striped t-shirt or something,” he said.

RAIN and Kim Tae Hee publicly announced their relationship in 2013 and officially tied the knot five years later.

Now, the power couple was blessed with two lovely kids.

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Is Kim Tae Hee RAIN’s First Love?

Interestingly, despite their status in the industry, not to mention being celebrity real estate moguls, they prefer to have a private relationships and seldom show off their family on social media.

However, RAIN often talks about how great Kim Tae Hee is as a wife and mother in various interviews where one includes revealing that Kim Tae Hee is actually his first love.

In one of his previous videos with guest K-pop girl group IVE, Yujin asked the actor about his first love.

The group gushes over after RAIN gives his answer, saying that it was Kim Tae Hee.

"It's the person I live with right now. From the moment I was born, I think I knew I was going to be with her,” he said.

After several years, the power couple is inseparable and has been married for five long years.

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