Quentin Tarantino Working On New Star Trek Film With JJ Abrams

In a move that sounds too good to be true, Quentin Tarantino has reportedly sent a Star Trek movie pitch to JJ Abrams. According to Deadline, Tarantino pitched a story to JJ Abrams, who enjoyed it and is supposedly assembling a writer's room to try making the film. This is definitely interesting news and it should result in something extraordinary, assuming the project gets off the ground.

Should things go well, we could get a new Star Trek film with Tarantino directing and Abrams producing, like he did with Star Trek: Beyond. No details on the film were given, so it isn't clear if the pitch will have new characters or keep the most recent cast with Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto. Either way, there should be plenty of interest in the next Trek adventure.

Quentin Tarantino has never really worked on an established franchise, mostly focusing on his own films. While the director has helmed episodes of CSI and ER, that is about it when it comes to Tarantino working on properties that aren't his own. The director was interested in making a Luke Cage movie that would be done in a blaxploitation style, similar to the original comics the Marvel character appeared in, but that won't be happening now that the Netflix show is a huge success.

Only time will tell if this project comes to fruition, especially with Tarantino in tow. Considering the reputation he has with critics and film enthusiasts, this could be one of the most anticipated Star Trek projects of all time.

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