Quentin Tarantino Loves Star Trek More Than Star Wars Because Of William Shatner

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Star Trek fans are pretty eager to see Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino begin work on his R-rated Star Trek movie. The filmmaker's 9th movie, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, is set to premiere in cinemas next week, but it looks like everyone's more focused on Tarantino's next project, Star Trek 4.

While there's been very little news about the project the past few months, Tarantino just recently spoke in an interview with Deadline to talk about why he wanted to direct a Star Trek film. Apparently, one of the reasons why the filmmaker loves Star Trek so much more than Star Wars is that the former has William Shatner in it.

"I'm a big fan of the show Star Trek. I really like it a lot, but my portal into that show is William Shatner," he explained. "I love William Shatner on Star Trek. I love his performance as James T. Kirk. That is my connection. That is my umbilical cord. It's why I like Star Trek more than Star Wars because William Shatner's not in Star Wars. I think it's one of the greatest performances in the history of episodic television, of a series lead, and rightly so, because very few series leads have ever gotten the opportunity to play all the different wild, crazy things. ‘The Enemy Within' alone."

Apparently, one of the major reasons why Tarantino was so brought in by J.J. Abrams first Star Trek movie was because the director thought that Chris Pine channeled William Shatner very well.

Now Tarantino is ready to begin work on Star Trek movie, one that he says could be his last. The filmmaker previously told fans that he'd stop directing cinemas after he released his tenth film, and it looks like Star Trek 4 is going to be that movie.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is set for release on July 26, 2019.

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