Queen Elizabeth 'Worried' About Future Of Monarchy In 5 Years? Prince Charles' Mom Reportedly Aware They Need Public Support

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Queen Elizabeth allegedly wondered about the future of the monarchy in five years. Her Majesty is reportedly aware that they need public support, and some are losing interest.

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Questioned The Future Of Monarchy

The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in June. She has been serving as the British monarch for 70 years already. However, she reportedly questioned herself if the institution would uphold after a period of unpopularity, Express reported.


Several royal experts weighed in on the Queen's position as various controversies hit the House of Windsors in the past months, from Prince Andrew's sexual assault case to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit and alleged feud with the royal family. Channel 4's new royal documentary The Real Windsors, claimed that people had started attacking the British monarch for allegedly being "out of touch."

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"There's even a quote, at this time, from someone who spoke to the Queen," royal historian Robert Lacey said, per Express. "We know that the Queen, herself, was worried in these years about people's opinions of herself and the way she was doing her job."

He talked about a quote from someone who reportedly spoke to Queen Elizabeth. "I mean, she's reported to have said, totally flippantly, [that] she very much whether the monarchy, the system, herself, would still be in business in five years' time," Lacey added.

Political strategist Alistair Campbell believed that the public's opinion matters to the Queen, who is the leader of the institution.

"Her people will say to you that she understands that if you get to a point where the public doesn't have any interest in you, respect for you, then the monarchy seizes to exist," Campbell said. "They do rely on that sense of public support."

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Will Royal Family Survive After Queen Elizabeth?

There is no doubt that the firm is one of the longest-lasting institutions in Europe. According to British Heritage, the royal family used to wield a huge amount of power and mercilessly conquer territories. At present, they are smaller and act as a symbolic keeper of tradition.

The Queen is well-loved, well-supported and well-accepted. However, the royal family has been hit by multiple scandals, including Prince Andrew's legal troubles over his alleged sexual relationship with Jeffrey Epstein's victim. Although he already settled the case, the issue never went away.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit was also painful for the royal fans. The rumored rift between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex versus the senior members of the royal family is more painful to watch.

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According to the outlet, there is a growing belief that the royal family will not survive after the Queen. Prince Charles, the heir apparent, is not as popular as his mother.

Prince William is also popular, but next to him, the only popular royal is his younger brother Prince Harry, who has already stepped down from his royal duties and moved to California. The Sussexes' exit was reportedly a huge blow to the monarchy.


"There is a growing belief that once Queen Elizabeth is no longer around, public support will wane hugely for the Royals, and the family may become no more," the outlet noted.

Royal historian Dan Snow suggested a future referendum on the status of the royal family cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile, some believed the royal family would last. However, it will be smaller, cheaper, and more democratic. It has survived for thousands of years due to its ability to adapt.

"So, smaller, cheaper, less flummery, more democratic and more reflective of modern Britain and the contemporary Commonwealth - both multicultural, multicultural communities - would seem to be the future role of the British monarchy," Sean O'Grady claimed in an article for Independent. "It will also need to work even harder than ever in its diplomatic, trade and charitable roles to continue to command the support of the public in hard times."

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