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Queen Elizabeth Shock: Is British Monarch To Blame For Prince Andrew's Entitlement And Arrogance? Royal Watchers Point At Parenting Style

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

There are rumors that Queen Elizabeth has a favorite child among her four children, and it's Prince Andrew. Two royal watchers weighed in on the Duke of York's behavior, and they believe his parents, the Queen and late Prince Philip, had something to do with it.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Reportedly To Blame For Son Prince Andrew's Entitlement

Royal watchers Katie Nicholl and Erin Vanderhoof, co-hosts of Vanity Fair's Dynasty, believed that their third child's "entitlement" was due to their parenting because Prince Andrew did not face "real consequences" growing up.

"As a child, Andrew was said to be boisterous and mischievous. He once sprinkled itching powder into the Queen’s bed," Vanderhoof said, Express reported. "Another time, he climbed onto the roof of Buckingham Palace to fiddle with the TV antenna so that the Queen wouldn’t be able to watch one of her horse races."

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She added, "But somehow, he always seemed to be forgiven. Looking back, there seems to be a pattern emerging — Andrew would stir the pot or pull a prank and maybe he would get a light scolding, but he doesn’t seem to face any real consequences for his actions."

Nicholl believed that the Queen and Duke of Edinburg being lax somehow contributed to why their second son is arrogant and entitled.

"I think that kind of indulgence really could produce an arrogance and sense of entitlement, and it did with Prince Andrew," the Kate: The Future Queen author added. "And that’s followed him throughout his life."

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Signs That Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip's Second Son Is Arrogant And Entitled

Many considered Prince Andrew the disgraced son of the Queen after he was involved in a series of controversies. Months ago, he settled a sexual abuse allegation filed by Virginia Giuffre against him in an undisclosed amount.

Despite that, several weeks later, he was seen front and center escorting Her Majesty, who has mobility issues, during Prince Philip's memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

The Duke of York allegedly wanted to return to his royal duties and be reinstated as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. Prince Andrew has reportedly been lobbying his mother to restore his status and has been pushing for his daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie to be made working royals, The Telegraph reported.

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"The colonelcy of the Grenadier Guards was his most coveted title and he wants it back. Having remained a Counsellor of State, he also believes he should be included at royal and state events," an anonymous source told The Telegraph. "Most importantly for him is his status as an HRH and ‘Prince of the Blood’ and he feels that should be reinstated and his position recognised and respected."

However, both Prince Charles and Prince William aren't that supportive of Prince Andrew's potential return to the royal folds. The outlet noted that the Prince of Wales reportedly clarified that, in his opinion, there is no way back for his younger brother.


Stay tuned for more royal news and updates.

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