Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Harry Shading Grandmother Over Military Titles?

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Queen Elizabeth II removed her grandson Prince Harry's military titles when he decided to step back from his royal duties.

Several sources said he wasn't happy with his grandmother's decision. Prince Harry, himself, admitted he was hurt by it. And it appeared that the Duke of Sussex took a swipe at Her Majesty about the same issue, according to Express.

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Prince Harry Took A Swipe At Queen Elizabeth II?

Just recently, Prince Harry wrote an emotional letter to the family of decorated soldier Nathan Hunt. The family is fighting to memorialize his life by adding his name to the National Armed Forces Memorial. Meghan Markle's husband wished he could help them and believed that he could if only the Queen had not stripped him of his military titles.

"I deeply empathize with what your family is going through and so wish I could assist formally, had I been in the same role I once was," Prince Harry wrote in a letter that features his prince's logo, Mirror reported.

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Prince Harry lets Nathan's family know that his dedication and service are "indelible" and that he will be forever a hero for the prince.

"Grief can be a long and burdensome road," Prince Harry added. "Please know you and your family remain in my thoughts."

Nathan's parents Derek Hunt, 70, and Maria, 68, wrote to the Duke of Sussex last month telling him that the Ministry of Defense had twice refused to add their son's name to the memorial in Staffordshire.


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Nathan's Parents React To The Letter They Received From Prince Harry

Nathan's parents were appreciative of Prince Harry's thoughtfulness after receiving his letter. For them, his concern was genuine. They also felt how much the duke acknowledged their son's work.

"I think the letter shows how much Harry cared about Nathan. He described Nathan as a hero and I think he is very sympathetic to our cause of trying to get Nathan’s name on the memorial," Derek told Mirror.

"I didn’t expect a response, but after the article appeared in the Sunday People and we sent a letter, someone from his office contacted us and said that Harry would be responding. I know he has had a tough time in the U.K., but I don’t care about any of that. You can see from the letter that Harry still cares about the armed forces and if he was able to he would use his influence to help get Nathan’s name on the memorial."

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Queen Elizabeth II Stripped Prince Harry Of Military Titles


Prince Harry served in the military for 10 years. He fought alongside Nathan in Afghanistan. He was Captain-General of the Royal Marines before he stepped down from his royal duties. He also founded Invictus Games in 2014, an international sporting event for injured veterans.

In February, the Queen stripped him of his Royal Marines position and his honorary military titles. Prince Harry admitted he was hurt by his grandmother's decision.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former infantry commander, said those who served in the army never forget their service. And those who were deployed together will often do whatever it takes to help each other.

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"Prince Harry is no exception, as this letter shows. Harry deployed on two tours in Afghanistan and fought to do so against great pressure from the Government and resistance from within his own family. For this and his hard work for wounded soldiers – including creating the Invictus Games – he was deeply respected and admired by servicemen and veterans," Kemp said.

Nathan and Prince Harry served in Helmand in 2008 as part of a bomb search team. Nathan was found hanged at home in Lincoln on Jan. 2, 2018. His parents wanted to see his name in the memorial alongside 16,000 others who were killed in action or from disease due to their profession.

According to a psychiatric report, Nathan experienced "traumatic exposure" in Afghanistan and had "some elements of PTSD."

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