How Did Qimir Get His Scar in The Acolyte? Fan Theories Explained

Qimir's scar in The Acolyte
Credit: Credit: Lucasfilm; Disney+; Fair use for promotional and news purposes

Qimir's scar in The Acolyte
Credit: Credit: Lucasfilm; Disney+; Fair use for promotional and news purposes

Fans may have been crushing on Qimir’s since he revealed himself The Acolyte, but the latest episode upped the ante by having him strip down to take a swim in front of Osha.

In the process, we learned that Qimir has a gnarly scar on his back, whose backstory he doesn't want to reveal. In a world of lightsabers and blasters, it would be natural for a warrior to have some battle scars, but a lot of fans online are almost sure that they know where this particular one comes from.

The Acolyte Reveals Qimir’s (Emotional) Scar

The episode Teach/Corrupt actually revealed a lot about Qimir besides his birthday suit. While his ultimate endgame is still pretty much a mystery, he tells Osha he was also a Jedi at some point, but was eventually ‘thrown away.’

Qimir then asks Osha about why she left the Jedi, and it’s kind of implied that they also tossed her aside when she couldn’t pass the tests. After all, Mae and Osha were already pretty old when they were found by Master Indara. At this point, it hasn’t been revealed what the Jedi do to younglings who can't pass their training.

Vernestra uses her lightwhip in The Acolyte
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Do Master Vernestra and Qimir Have History Together?

With the reveal of Qimir's scar and Jedi past, many fans are almost sure the injury on his back comes from another Jedi—specifically Master Vernestra Rwoh. Hear us out.

The episode officially revealed Vernestra’s unique weapon, the lightwhip, which fans connected to the shape and irregular edges of Qimir's scar. The scar looks too jagged to be an injury from a regular lightsaber, fans thought, so it had to come from an unconventional weapon—like a whip.

Some fans went ahead and theorized Vernestra was Qimir’s former master, but that she let him go like the Order let Osha go. Of course, this is just a theory––but a couple of episodes ago fans were guessing that Qimir was actually The Stranger, and were immediately proven right when he turned out to be Mae’s master.

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Not to mention Vernestra has been acting sneaky this whole season, and she appears to know something about why Mae is hunting down Master Indara’s team from that night in Brendok.

If Vernestra Didn’t Give Qimir His Scar, Who Did?

However, there is also a camp of fans who think Qimir got his scar somewhere else. It wasn't Vernestra who hurt him, they believe, but his actual Sith master, whom we haven't met yet.

At this point in the story, it seems that Qimir is working for himself, but a lot of fans are convinced there might someone else pulling the strings—and it’s that someone who gave Qimir his scar.

Qimir in The Acolyte
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Credit: Lucasfilm; Fair use for news and promotional purposes

Some are speculating that Qimir is actually Legends character Darth Venamis, and his master is Darth Tenebrous. Those names may not mean much now, but fans definitely know about Tenebrous’ apprentice Darth Plagueis—who eventually mentors Emperor Darth Sidious.

It’s all just speculation for now though, so Vernestra is still a pretty close bet as the origin of Qimir's scar.

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