Proxima Midnight Actress Down to Returning to the MCU in Another Role

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War actress Carrie Coon would be down to continue her Marvel Cinematic Universe journey as a different character.

Coon appeared in the 2018 Marvel Studios blockbuster as one of the Mad Titan Thanos' trusty henchmen Proxima Midnight. She, along with the so-called Black Order would wreak havoc over the course of the film in search of the remaining Infinity stones until she was stopped dead (oops) in her tracks by Wanda Maximoff during the Battle of Wakanda.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking with THR about the possibility of making her MCU return despite her original character being written off, Carrie revealed that it was actually part of her initial talk with the folks over at Marvel Studios. Here's what she had to say:

Yes, that is certainly the kind of conversation that an agent would engage in when looking into committing to those jobs. Yes, they want some verbal assurances that the possibility for additional work is not completely off the table. So, yeah, absolutely. It's like, you know, being on Chicago Fire. You get killed and then you can't come back for another year. (Laughs.) You want to make sure that we have job security, so we're always asking that question. Absolutely.

Marvel Studios is no stranger to making its stars pull double duty. A number of actors – from Sean Gunn to Gemma Chan have appeared in the MCU as two different characters, so Carrie making her epic comeback wouldn't be a shock at all. Plus, she was great as Proxima Midnight so who am I to object? There's always room for great actors in the universe.

Carrie Coon is set to appear in Ghostbusters: Afterlife which is slated for release next year!

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