Project Powers Directors Will Helm Mark Millar's Nemesis Movie

Mark Millar continues to be one of the biggest names in comics and the fact that Netflix will be the home to a number of his new properties is great publicity for the writer. Interestingly enough, a number of his properties are still licensed by other studios like Kick-Ass and Nemesis, the latter of which recently announced that the directors of Project Power will be helming the adaptation.

The news was revealed by Discussing Film and confirmed by Millar himself, who is quite happy to see this adaptation come to light. However, if you're one of those fans who are wondering how they will let all of the sick things in the comic happen in the movie, you might end up getting disappointed. Rather than adopt the whole "Batman with Joker's personality" pitch, this is going to be about an engineer who teams up with a vigilante to stop a corrupt president.

While fans are probably upset at this new story, keep in mind that Mark Millar's movie adaptations have all gone through major changes before. Millar's Wanted comic book, about a society of supervillains who took over the world, is completely different from the movie, which is about assassins who can control bullets. We're not too surprised about the change but why even call it Nemesis?

Despite the announcement of new directors, Nemesis does not have a release date, as of this writing. Let's hope that the major changes aren't too bad and we get a solid movie out of it. The graphic novel by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven is available now.

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