Pro NFL Player Cassius Marsh to Return to Magic: The Gathering Web Series

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end and Magic: The Gathering personality, Cassius Marsh, is blurring the line between traditional sports and esports, and outside of his successful NFL career, he has been a recurring guest on one of the most popular MTG web series, Game Knights. The series is one of the shows from one of the biggest MTG YouTubers, The Command Zone, and each episode features the show's two hosts, Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong, playing a game of Commander with two guest stars.

The latest episode, which premieres May 13, will feature the return of the NFL star, The Command Zone confirmed on Twitter.

Marsh hasn't appeared in an episode of Game Knights since 2018 where he played an equipment based Commander deck. The new episode will focus on the new Ikoria Commander 2020 pre-constructed decks, and it will also feature MTG content creator/caster, AliasV. Here's a sneak peek of the new episode:

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