Princess Charlene Shock: Royal's 'Frail' Health And 'Troubled' Marriage On The Mend? Former Olympian Reportedly Expressed Love For Prince Albert By Doing This

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The marriage of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco has been hounded with numerous malicious rumors even before they tied the knot on July 1, 2011. As a matter of fact, speculations about the former athlete having doubts about her romance with Prince Albert ensued after snaps of Princess Charlene wiping away tears on their wedding day made rounds online.

However, Princess Charlene was quick to clarify that her tears were proof she wanted to run away. Divorce rumors plagued the royal pair anew after they spent their 10th wedding anniversary apart for the first time in 2021, following reports of Prince Albert’s alleged third paternity surfaced.

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Recently, a new report claimed that Princess Charlene appeared “on the mend” after her first solo public outing under the watchful eye of Prince Albert. Keep on reading to know more details.


Princess Charlene’s Health And Allegedly Troubled Marriage On The Mend?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming July 25, 2022 issue, reported that Princess Charlene seemed “perky” when she visited Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital, which is named after the late mother of Prince Albert. A few senior palace aides accompanied the ex-Olympian during her most recent visit, touring the maternity ward and chatting with parents, patients and staff.

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The entertainment news outlet noted that the July 4 visit of Princess Charlene was actually her first solo outing after a handful of appearances together with Prince Albert since May and following her long stay at a Swiss clinic for “physical and emotional exhaustion.”

The palace, just days prior to the hospital visit, released an 11th-anniversary portrait of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert holding hands in yet another move to debunk rumors claiming that their marriage is in trouble. An unnamed source told Globe that the “vicious rumors” has “hurt” Prince Albert.

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In one photo, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert stood side by side, smiling with their hands clasped. However, while the prince’s grin looked genuine, the princess’ seems “wistful” and “tinted with sadness.”


A body language expert previously concluded that Princess Charlene assumed protective poses against Prince Albert and even demonstrated “fear” when they did not touch in earlier outings. The anniversary shot is allegedly part of Prince Albert’s campaign to show the world that all is well with his marriage to Princess Charlene since the latter spent 15 months apart from him and their twins – Jacques and Gabriella.

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On May 24, Princess Charlene graced a Monte Carlo Fashion Week event and took the opportunity to address rumors about her marriage with the local newspaper Monaco-Matin. The wife of Prince Albert, per People, asked the media if they wanted her to talk about rumors of divorce or hew new home in Switzerland.

Princess Charlene went on to say that she found it “regrettable” that certain news outlets “peddle” rumors about her marriage. The ex-Olympian furthered:

"Like everyone else, we are human beings, and like all human beings, we have emotions, [and] weaknesses, only our family is exposed to the media and the slightest weakness is relayed.”

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Also, Princess Charlene called Prince Albert her “protector.” The mom of two even revealed they took time to address “malicious articles” as a couple.


Princess Charlene Expressed Love For Prince Albert Amid Divorce Speculations?

Meanwhile, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert marked their 11th wedding anniversary on July 2. Hello Magazine reported that the prince had presented a stunning wedding gift to his wife when they got married in 2011.

Reports have it that Prince Albert gave Princess Charlene a diamond and sapphire Ocean tiara that features 1,200 precious stones. However, the former athlete was rarely seen wearing the exquisite accessory to royal events.

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A new report claimed that Princess Charlene had turned her wedding gift from Prince Albert into a necklace for a few rare outings. Most recently, the princess donned the tiara for a reception in the palace gardens, which allegedly expressed her love for her husband.

Princess Charlene sported a dark blue ruffled dress with a statement necklace, which was one of the glittering ocean pendants on a silver chain. The tiara, which featured a wave-like design, is reportedly a tribute to the royal’s love for water and her career as an Olympic swimmer from Prince Albert.

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