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Princess Anne Heartbreak: Prince Charles' Sister Regrets Her Treatment To Princess Diana? Royal Reportedly Had A Hard Time Moving On After Sister-In-Law's Death

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Queen Elizabeth's only daughter Princess Anne has become the epitome of a well-rounded royal. As the eldest child of the British Royal household, Princess Anne learned to be stern in her early years. History has shown that Princess Anne and then sister-in-law, the late Princess Diana, were not best friends. The two were never close with one another, and insiders shared that Princess Anne made no effort to befriend the young royal.

What Is The Age Difference Between Princess Anne And Princess Diana?

Palace insiders believe that one of the greatest dividers of Princess Anne's relationship with Princess Diana was the age gap. There was an eleven-year age gap between the two royals. Princess Diana was especially young when she married Prince Charles. Furthermore, Princess Anne learned that Diana was an emotionally charged young woman, very different from her stern and direct ways.

According to insiders, Princess Anne would often share with her friends that drama would follow wherever Princess Diana went. A source stated:

"It's not Diana's fault that Anne never took to her. Diana was intimidated by her, and Charles never made much of an effort to help his new wife bond with his sister."

Princess Anne's Disappointment Over Being A Godmother

There are stories in the palace that Princess Anne was disappointed with Princess Diana when she was overlooked as a godmother to her nephews. When Prince William was born, Princess Anne was not named a godmother. Her younger brother Prince Charles assured her that she would be a godmother to their next child.

When Prince Harry came along, Princess Diana decided to give the role of godmother to her ex-flatmate, Carolyn Bartholomew. This decision sealed the fate of Princess Anne and Princess Diana's relationship.

A royal source shared:

"It caused a huge upset behind the scenes."

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated, Princess Anne was rumored to be relieved and more than welcomed the news. According to sources, Princess Anne was glad that she no longer had to cope with Diana's mood swings.

An unnamed tipster said:

"Anne was glad she wouldn't have to put on fake friendliness and deal with what she called the tedium of Diana's mood swings."

Princess Anne Regrets Treatment Towards Diana

In 1997, news broke out that Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car crash in Paris. When confirmation came that the Princess of Wales perished in the car accident, Princess Anne was one of the first royals to voice her regrets of not cherishing her time with Diana.

The gruff Princess Anne had difficulty accepting the young Princess's death. A royal insider revealed:

"Anne's not one for shows of emotion. She's like her mother in that way. But Diana's death got to her. Deep down, she did regret not making more of an effort with her. Most people knew they weren't on great terms, so the mourning period and funeral afterward was tough on Anne."

Royal experts believe that, if Princess Diana and Prince Charles were still together, the relationship between Princess Anne and the late "People's Princess" would have been a different story.

Sources claimed that Princess Anne thinks about the what-ifs with Princess Diana until now. Furthermore, the Princess Royal reportedly also regretted not being there for Diana during her lowest point.

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