Prince William Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Grandson And Future King 'Does Nothing' Unless Convinced Something Is Worthwhile, Royal Biographer Claims

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton's absence at the recently concluded 2022 BAFTAs received mixed reactions. The Duke of Cambridge, in particular, was criticized for missing the event when he has been the president of the academy since 2010. However, several netizens also defended him.

Prince William Only Does Worthwhile Things, Supporters Claim

Prince William and Kate Middleton skipped the annual BAFTA Awards again. Last year, they didn't attend because it happened so soon following his grandfather Prince Philip's passing. However, his absence this time raised several eyebrows.

The Duke of Cambridge's fans and supporters immediately defended him and justified his absence. They shared details of his latest talent when he launched a bursary fund to help underprivileged artists.

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Some of them also shared a paragraph from Penny Junor's biography of Prince William arguing that he only made the right decision not to attend the awards ceremony, The News reported.

"He does nothing unless he is convinced it is worthwhile; he is not a celebrity putting in appearance for the sake of publicity and one of his greatest concerns is that he will be confused with one," Junor wrote in the book about Prince William which his fans believed reflected his priorities.

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Prince William Disappointed The BAFTAs Organizers When He Skipped The Event

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are have been regular figures in the annual British Academy of Film and Televisions Arts since 2010. The second in line to the throne, opted to skip the event on Sunday and made a virtual appearance via a pre-recorded video message to address the viewers.

"Prince William is always a huge draw, not least as it's the first year back in person after the pandemic," a source told The Mirror. "But BAFTA were told that diary constraints precluded him from attending in person this year. It's such a shame and everyone is very disappointed."

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There are various speculations as to why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to cancel their attendance at the event. Mail On Sunday's Amanda Platell believed that it might have something to do with his feuding with BBC, the network that covered the event.

"'I’m puzzled that Prince William, President of BAFTA, has pulled out of tomorrow night’s glittering awards ceremony to be broadcast on the BBC, due to ‘diary constraints which precluded him from attending in person,’" she wrote.

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"Surely, every royal’s diary is decided many months in advance. My guess is that after the Beeb’s appallingly biased The Princes And The Press series, presented by their bejewelled star Amol Rajan and accusing the Cambridges of briefing against the Sussexes, William decided on a no-show, except by video. Is this a sign of the royals ghosting the republican Beeb? If so, it’s not a moment too soon."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the other members of the royal family.

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