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Prince William Shock: Prince Harry Is Making His Big Brother Look Bad? Former Royal Butler Doesn’t See Meghan Markle’s Husband’s Point in Sharing Family Secrets in Spare

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Prince Harry shared many intimate family details in his memoir Spare, including his physical rows with his big brother, Prince William. A former royal butler weighed in on his book and couldn't grasp the need for the Duke of Sussex to share such encounters with the world.

Does Prince Harry Want To Make Prince William Look Bad?

Grant Harrold served as King Charles' personal butler from 2004 to 2011. He spoke about the royal siblings' relationship when he was still in the palace and said they were very close.

He didn't expect the Duke of Sussex's allegations against the Prince of Wales — that the latter physically attacked him. He also couldn't understand Prince Harry's motive in his book.

"I never witnessed [Harry and William] having fallout or arguments like that ever," Harrold said, per Showbiz CheatSheet.

"I understand an argument can happen. I can believe that it can happen. It is possible that one pushes the other over, not trying to hurt them. It's not unusual what he described but what's unusual is describing that to all of us, so we all know about it."

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"It's like going on social media and saying 'oh it's so awful, I've been attacked by such and such.' Why would you do that? What would be the point of it? There is no point to it unless you're trying to make him look bad in front of other people. It's just so sad because when I was there that was not at all what they were like. I was never aware of those kinds of arguments, it is possible like with any brothers, that they had fallouts but for him to tell this story and be so graphic that he fell into a dog bowl and it cut pieces into him, well that's serious."

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Prince William, King Charles Are Reportedly Disappointed At Prince Harry's Spare

The former royal aide also weighed in on the King and heir to the throne's potential reaction to Prince Harry's book. He believed that they were not thrilled.

"I think [William and Charles] will both be disappointed. I think they'd be angry and confused," Harrold said. "I'm sure they are deciding what response should be given, if any. Never complain, never explain is possible."

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At present, the royal family has stuck with their mantra to never issue any statement about Prince Harry's allegations against them. Several praised the royal family for not paying attention to the drama Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are dragging them into.

What can you say about Harrold's revelations on Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship? Do you agree that Meghan Markle's husband is trying to make the future king look bad?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Prince Harry.

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