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Prince William Shock: King Charles Wants Reconciliation With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Ahead Coronation but Kate Middleton’s Husband Was ‘Extremely Hurt’ by Spare

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King Charles reportedly wants to ensure things are in order before his coronation day. The British monarch is reportedly planning to reconcile with his youngest son, Prince Harry. However, Prince William might not cooperate.

Prince Harry, Prince William Having Peace Talks Ahead Of King Charles' Coronation?

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry have to reconcile to avoid making the new monarch's coronation a circus, Daily Mail reported. The royal family is reportedly at war following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit. The rift between the members of the royal family intensified after the release of Prince Harry's book, Spare.

"'It's fixable," an anonymous source told The Times.

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"Both sides need to hold their hands up and admit "we didn't get everything right, and we got a lot wrong "... It's going to take flexibility on all sides, but it can be done."

"It needs Harry over here, in the room with the King and Prince of Wales, a couple of other family members, some of 'his people' he trusts who always had his back, so he doesn't think he's being ambushed."

The source said that King Charles would have no issue with reconciliation, and Prince Harry has been open about wanting his father and brother back. However, it might not be easy on Prince William's part.

A source said the Prince of Wales has been "extremely hurt" by what Prince Harry wrote about him in his memoir. However, Kate Middleton's husband's loyalty is ultimately to his country, and he will reconcile with him if it's the best for the future of the monarchy.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Will Not Cooperate In Humiliating Apology To Prince Harry, Meghan Markle?

British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower weighed in on King Charles' plan to reconcile with Prince Harry amid reports of a peace talk between the royal princes. According to the Revenge author, the plans for reconciliation might not be easy.

He believed that many Brits didn't like what Prince Harry did to his family, so King Charles' plan to reconcile with his son, might be challenging, and Prince William might not cooperate.

"Not only would the majority of his subjects, outraged by Harry's perfidy, deplore any concessions to the Montecito hucksters, but William and Kate would surely not cooperate in any humiliating apology," Bower wrote for Daily Mail.

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He added that Sussexes have unconsciously exposed their jealousy to the Waleses, so the latter have a reason to doubt the former's genuineness. Also, Prince William and Middleton reportedly couldn't find an advantage in giving in to what Prince Harry wanted — who said he wanted his family to apologize to his wife.

"Now, it's hard to believe that he or Kate can see any advantage in bowing to Harry's demands. Concessions, they believe, will only lead to further accusations," Bower added.

The King and his advisers, William knows, are treading a dangerous path. Talk of reconciliation is a mirage. Harry and Meghan will settle for nothing less than total capitulation and victory.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William.

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