Prince William Shock: Duke Of Cambridge Taking Over Throne From Queen Elizabeth, Skipping Prince Charles Not Possible

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Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William is the second in line to the throne, but more favor him to be the next king over his dad, Prince Charles, after Queen Elizabeth II. However, the Duke of Cambridge's fans might be disappointed because that's unlikely to happen.

Prince William Taking Over The Throne Before Prince Charles Is Foolishness

The Duke of Cambridge is more popular than the Prince of Wales for many reasons — he is younger and more relatable. Also, Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, while he was still married to Princess Diana, made him unpopular. However, despite that, it's not possible to skip the heir apparent in favor of Prince William, according to Professor Vernon Bogdanor of King's College London’s Centre for British Politics and Government.

The constitutional expert ends years of speculations that Kate Middleton's husband might take over the throne earlier than expected. That's not happening while the Prince of Wales is around.

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"Most things about the monarchy require an Act of Parliament to change them," Bogdanor told Express. "This is one of the problems with some rather foolish people I think who say you can skip a generation and go to Prince William."

He continued, "For a change of succession, you would need an Act of Parliament. Not just in Britain but in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, everywhere else and no one wants that."

This will not be an issue, as Prince William has already expressed in previous interviews that he has no intention of becoming king before his father.

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When Will Prince William's father Prince Charles Become King?

Many are wondering if Prince Charles will become king straight away when Queen Elizabeth passes away. The expert confirmed that that would be the case.

"Immediately," he said when asked about Prince Charles becoming king after the Queen's passing. "The royal standard is never lowered once the Queen is dead because the monarchy continues. He is automatically King. It is confirmed at the Accession Council and then at the coronation, but there is no statutory requirement for a coronation."

He added, "Edward VIII never had one. But Charles becomes king immediately."

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Bogdanor added that Prince Charles will visit different areas of the country on a royal tour of the nation and meet the Accession Council, the ceremonial body that oversees successions. The meeting will take place as soon as possible to confirm the new king.

Then, Prince Charles would "swears to protect the Church of Scotland. That derives from the Acts of Union with Scotland in 1707." The Prince of Wales will likely make a speech at the Council and in the media that evening.


"I think he intends then to visit parts of the country, particularly Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and will put forward his approach to constitutional monarchy," the expert said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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