Prince William May Receive A Major Promotion From Queen Elizabeth On His 40th Birthday: Report

Credit: Studio 10/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Studio 10/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William is celebrating his 40th birthday today, and his grandmother may give him a special promotion. According to a report, senior royals usually get promotions from the Queen on their milestone birthday.

Prince William Could Be Set For A Major Promotion

The Duke of Cambridge turns 40 years old on Tuesday. Queen Elizabeth might give her grandson a new special military appointment, Express reported.

Senior members of the royal family are treated as military members, and they receive promotions as they get older, especially to mark their milestone birthdays.

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For instance, Princess Anne was promoted by the Army and the Royal Air Force - following the Queen's approval - to the roles of General and Air Chief Marshall, respectively, hours before her 70th birthday.

Prince William's uncle, Prince Andrew, was also due for promotion to Admiral of the Royal Navy when he turned 60 years old. However, the Duke of York asked the Navy to defer the honorary promotion until he resumes his public duty.

Prince Andrew also received a promotion five years earlier to mark his 55th birthday. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral.

With Queen Elizabeth's history of giving special promotions to royals on their milestone birthday, Prince William might just receive a new one to mark his milestone birthday.

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Prince William Will Celebrate 40th Birthday Privately

The future king will mark his milestone birthday privately with his family — wife Kate Middleton and their three children, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, royal expert Neil Sean wrote for Fox News.

The Duke of Cambridge will reportedly release a picture and asks the people not to send cards, flowers or gifts. Instead, he wants the people to donate to the less fortunate people.

"You are judged in the moment by the people buying the magazine and it was so nice to connect and find real views," Prince William told Sean.

Middleton will supervise their children in baking their dad his birthday cake. The Cambridge kids will also give their dad handmade cards and gifts.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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