Prince William, Kate Middleton Stressed After Queen Elizabeth’s Death? Prince and Princess of Wales Face Very Difficult Time After King Charles’ Mom Passed Away, Expert Claims

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Prince William and Kate Middleton had to step up after Queen Elizabeth passed away and King Charles' ascension to the throne. The changes were not easy for the Prince and Princess of Wales, but their transition was reportedly seamless.

Kate Middleton And Prince William Subjected To Stress And Anxiety After Queen Elizabeth's Death?

There was a huge change in the royal household when Queen Elizabeth passed away on Sept. 8. King Charles succeeding the throne had a ripple effect on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's duties. The king promoted them to be the new Prince and Princess of Wales.


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Vanity Fair royal editor Katie Nicholl told Talk TV's The Royal Tea that the royal couple faced "very, very difficult times" since Her Majesty died. They dealt with the loss and changing of titles and duties while preparing their kids for their first day at their new school. The family also moved to Windsor at about the same time. They were dealing with personal challenges and grieving the loss while keeping up with their royal duties.

"I think behind the scenes, there is a fair bit of stress and anxiety for all of the family," Nicholl said.

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Did Kate Middleton And Prince William Succeed In Their Transition?

The new Prince and Princess of Wales were subjected to huge changes, but they were able to pull it through. Nicholl believed that the Queen's efforts in teaching the now-heir to the throne paid off.

"William's years of being mentored by his grandmother and his father have really paid off because the transition to Prince of Wales has been seamless," Nicholl explained. "Kate has also effortlessly moved into a role with so much weight and history and is already making it her own."


For the royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge succeeded in their transition.

"They seem very much in lockstep," Nicholl continued. "They're a good support act, the Prince and Princess of Wales."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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