Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Retracts Sussexes’ Racist Claims Over Son Archie’s Skin Color, Says Racism Is Different From Unconscious Bias

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously accused a certain member of the royal family of making a racist remark about their son Archie’s skin color. While speaking with Oprah Winfrey two years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed that there were questions regarding their then-unborn son’s skin tone because his mom is mixed race.

At the time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle refused to reveal the name of the person who questioned Archie’s skin color. But some royal experts and sources seemingly put the blame on King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, or even Princess Anne.

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Prince Harry Claims Racism And Unconscious Bias Are Different?

But years after the Sussexes made their racist claims, Prince Harry is now seemingly retracting his statement. During his interview with ITV, he said that the way he understood the remark must have been influenced by his own experiences.

“So again, going back to the difference between what my understanding is because of my own experience, the difference between racism and unconscious bias, the two things are different. But once it’s been acknowledged, or pointed out to you as an individual, or as an institution, that you have unconscious bias, you, therefore, have an opportunity to learn and grow from that in order so that you are part of the solution rather than part of the problem,” he said (via Us Weekly).

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Prince Harry Refuses To Name His Royal Relative That Had Concerns About Archie’s Skin Color?

Prince Harry added that he would never expose the person who commented on Archie’s skin color. But he also seemingly threw shade at the royal family for not doing their part in ensuring that the institution would be free from racism.

“And I will never talk. I mean what happened to Ngozi Fulani is a very good example of the environment within the institution, and why after our [March 2021 tell-all] interview, they said that they were gonna bring in a diversity tsar. That hasn’t happened. Everything they said was gonna happen hasn’t happened. I’ve always been open to wanting to help them understand their part in it, and especially when you are the monarchy, you have a responsibility and quite rightly people hold you to a higher standard than others,” he said.

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Prince Harry Slammed For Retracting His And Meghan Markle’s Racist Allegations 2 Years Ago?

But following his interview with ITV, some publications and individuals called out Prince Harry for his recent statements. According to The Spectator, Prince Harry’s statement of support for his godmother Susan Hussey did not sit well with his critics.

“Big mistake. Those comments have triggered something of a furor on both sides of the Atlantic among those who previously might have been found among the Sussexes’ staunchest defenders –especially among the anonymous Twitter trolls of the self-proclaimed ‘Sussex squad,’” the publication wrote.

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu also slammed Prince Harry for differentiating racism and unconscious bias.

“Prince Harry you’re WRONG,’ she typed. ‘There’s ZERO difference between racist conscious/unconscious bias & racism. Bias is the presence of racism & the actions/words are proof therein [sic],” she tweeted.

Author Natalie Morris also accused Prince Harry of being scared to use the word racism. And The Guardian contributor Jason Okundaye also criticized the Duke of Sussex on Twitter.

“This is the issue with Harry: cakeism. He wants to condemn his family members so they can “grow”, but only wants to call it “unconscious bias” because calling it racism requires him to unravel the institution of monarchy itself #HarryTheInterview,” he tweeted.

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