Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Marke’s Husband’s Book Spare Dramatized, Suicide Attempt Claim in Memoir a Fantasy, Ex-sergeant Major Says

Credit: Rea Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Rea Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry shared some details during his service in the military in his book Spare. However, some of his comrades reacted and claimed his recollection was wrong.

Prince Harry's Army Instructor Says Suicide Training Was A Fantasy?

Prince Harry mentioned in his autobiography a particular flight that an Army instructor allegedly deliberately stalled without warning.

"On one of our first flights together, with no warning, Booley threw the aircraft into a stall. I felt the left wing dip, a sickening feeling of disorder, of entropy, and then, after several seconds that felt like decades, he recovered the aircraft and levelled the wings," he wrote in the book.

"I stared at him. What in the absolute—? Was this an aborted suicide attempt?' No, he said gently. This was the next stage in my training."

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Ex-Sergeant Major Michael Booley spoke with the Mirror and denied Meghan Markle's husband's claims. According to him, every detail of training flights is discussed, so there are no surprises.

"I am staggered by this. In shock even," he said about the book.

"Whilst the book compliments me, the recollection of the sorties and lessons is inaccurate, I'm afraid. It's important to highlight that nothing in the cockpit comes as a surprise. Every sortie is thoroughly briefed beforehand, every single aspect."

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He explained that the sortie was flown according to the brief. He stressed that "the only time there are surprises is later in the syllabus, not as stated in the book, when emergencies are introduced."

Booley, 57, added that even engine failures are practiced before the first solo, so students will know how to handle it, in case they encounter one. He said that he still has respect for Prince Harry and believed the book was dramatized, hence the output.

"I think the reference to the flying sorties has been dramatised. I think it's a result of the ghost writing. I never called him Lt Wales, he was an officer, and I called him Sir."

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Prince Harry Called Out For Several Factual Errors In Spare

The Duke of Sussex reportedly made several errors in his book. For instance, he claimed that he enjoys TK Maxx's once-a-year sale. He claimed that he would shop there for "everyday casual clothes" whenever he received his official clothing allowance. However, the discounted store refuted his claim.

"Whilst we're delighted Prince Harry is a big fan, we thought we should explain we don't actually do sales. Instead, we offer great value, style and savings all year round," the spokesperson said in a statement to Express U.K.

Prince Harry also claimed he offered his father-in-law, Thomas Markle Sr., a first-class ticket from Mexico to the United Kingdom via Air New Zealand.

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"We told him, leave Mexico right now: A whole new level of harassment is about to rain down on you, so come to Britain. Now," he wrote in his memoir. "Air New Zealand, first class, booked and paid for by Meg."

However, the Air New Zealand spokesperson denied Prince Harry's claim.

"We've never had flights between Mexico and the U.K. And we only have Business Premier," the spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald.

Many also criticized Prince Harry for claiming he was in Eton, and a courtier called him to inform him about the Queen's Mother's death. According to royal experts and netizens, Prince Harry was with King Charles and Prince William on a ski trip in Klosters, Switzerland, when his great-grandmother passed away. There were lots of photos and news about it.

What can you say about the reported factual errors in Prince Harry's memoir Spare?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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