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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Had Already Separated? Sussexes Have Agreed for Settlement While Still Together, Royal Pundit Claims

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been married for four years already. Some give their marriage five years, and there are rumors that the royal couple had already agreed to separate.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Separation Agreement While Still Together?

British socialite and royal author Lady Colin Campbell shared an update about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a Q&A with her followers on her YouTube channel. According to the Diana in Private author, a source told her, and some insiders claimed to have heard the same news that Prince Harry and Markle are already separated.

However, she also warned her followers to take it with a grain of salt, saying, "we cannot rely upon it." Nevertheless, she still shared the rumors about the Sussexes.

"The word from on high is — that Meghan and Harry have arrived at a settlement that they are, in fact, now legally agreed upon certain matters. They have, I supposed you could call it, a separation while they are still together," Campbell said.

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"Now, actually, that's not unusual because my ex-husband and I had the same scenario for different reasons. Well, maybe not so many different reasons, actually. Treachery and money, I think, seem to be the common threads."

The Harry and Meghan: The Real Story author added that she and her husband were still living together while divorcing.

"Evidently, Harry has escaped from Stockholm, figuratively speaking. His eyes are open," she continued.

The royal pundit claimed that the falling-out was due to Prince Harry's memoir. "The book is the issue," Campbell claimed. Prince Harry allegedly didn't want to proceed with the book.

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"Meghan told him, if and this is quite possible, and I need to say this for legal reasons. Either not so at all, or it could well be a plant planted by the very adept Meghan and with the connivance of Harry to let him off the hook so that the incendiary contents of the book will not have consequences for him and ultimately, therefore, for her."

Campbell added that it's a "very Machiavellian scheme" to maneuver the royal family and lead them to believe that the Duke of Sussex now wants to separate from his wife. They reportedly have done it through the English courts because "they have come to an agreement which is, in some ways, a separation agreement while they are still supposedly together."

She quoted two reliable people who told her that Prince Harry had seen the light. He reportedly realized that Markle was pushing him in a direction he did not wish to go in, and "he now sees her for what she is."

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Getting Divorce In Five Years After Royal Wedding?

In 2020, Daily Mail published a report claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are more likely to divorce in the next five years than to rejoin the royal family full-time. Bookmakers are giving them 3/1 odds to divorce by 2025.

Meanwhile, the chances of them rejoining the firm were reportedly at 14/1. The outlet added that the Sussexes' divorce is more likely than Serena Williams winning Wimbledon.

In June, psychic Georgina Walker shared her big predictions for the royal couple. During her appearance on KIIS 1065's The Night Show with Mitch Churi, she was adamant that Prince Harry and Markle's days as a married couple were numbered.

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"I always said when Meghan and Harry married, I gave them five years," she said, New Idea reported. "And when I looked at the energy between them, she was doing a lot of acting, but he was as pale as a ghost. I tend to think he has really realised what he's given up."

The psychic warned, "I think it's now going to be a real issue between the two of them. The rift is coming, you'll see it."

Do you agree that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will divorce in five years?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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