Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales 'Effective Becoming Prince Regent', Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Delegating More Work And Hinting About Abdication

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles has spent most of his life as the Prince of Wales and waiting to succeed the throne from his mother. However, his succession would also mean that Queen Elizabeth would be gone by then. Some reports claim that the mother and son are already working together for his succession, and is the monarch is allegedly making the heir apparent the Prince Regent soon.

Prince Charles Is Becoming Queen Elizabeth's Deputy

The 96-year-old monarch has scaled down her diary due to mobility issues. She had canceled her attendance at some big events, including the Commonwealth Service in March and the State Opening of Parliament weeks ago.

Her absence at the opening of Parliament raised some eyebrows, with several experts suggesting the Queen should use the Regency Act and make the heir apparent the Prince Regent.

Former Brexit party leader Nigel Farage spoke with Fox Business, and in his opinion, the Queen is already hinting that she is passing the baton to her eldest child.

"I think when the Queen could not appear at the opening of Parliament, Prince Charles and Prince William took over and that to me was the beginning of the changing of the guard, what do you say?" Stuart Varney said while asking Farage, Express reported.

"I think it really is, it's a really sad moment," he responded

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The Queen had attended the State Opening of Parliament every year except in 1963 when she was heavily pregnant. Her absence at the recent event was a deal because it was the first time in almost six decades that she skipped the event.

"It looks as though Prince Charles is becoming Prince Regent which means he will deputise for the Queen on big state occasions, on big international visits with US Presidents or whatever it may be," Farage continued.

He added that palace insiders told him the 96-year-old monarch had a small accident a few months ago, which made walking more challenging for her. However, she's still in control, still holding conferences, still making calls on the telephone, and still physically herself, except for her mobility issues.

"One thing the Queen doesn't want us to see is her being pushed around in a wheelchair so yes, it is a changing of the guards, you are right," Farage continued. "Don't forget, starting on the 2nd of June until the 6th of June, we have four days of national celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee. I am sure somehow she will make it out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace."

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Queen Elizabeth Rumored To Abdicate And Make Prince Charles The Prince Regent After Platinum Jubilee Celebration

There are rumors that the Queen, who promised to serve the monarchy all her life, will abdicate after the Platinum Jubilee celebration, celebrating her 70th year on the throne. Several royal experts were convinced that abdication and making Prince Charles the Prince Regent are already on the cards.

"Her absence at the State Opening of Parliament is not unprecedented, but the resolution to her absence—the use of the Regency Act—is. But this hasn’t been done on behalf of the sovereign, like the last time we had a regency, in 1811. This was the Sovereign laying down the rules,"  Robert Hardman, author of Queen of Our Times, told The Daily Beast, per Yahoo! Finance.

"It’s another slow and gradual move in a transition that has seen Charles taking on more and more, which actually began nine years ago when he traveled to Sri Lanka to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting there."

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Royal biographer Clive Irving echoed the same opinion. The Last Queen author said Regency Act is the first step to abdicating, and he could see the Queen using the Regency Act after her celebration next month because he believed that the Queen "does not have to die in the saddle, like Victoria, after a rapid decline."

"There is nothing in the protocols to say that. So the sane thing would be to have her abdicate. The use of the Regency Act is the first step towards abdication, which, I suspect, will happen once the Jubilee is over," Irving said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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