Prince Charles Shock: Duchess Camilla Forces Husband Prince Of Wales To Collaborate For Christmas Project

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Prince Charles was forced by his wife, Duchess Camilla, to work with her for her Christmas project. The Duchess of Cornwall revealed this in her recent interview.

Prince Charles Was Forced To Support Wife Duchess Camilla's Project

Duchess Camilla spoke with BBC Radio 4's Today programme's guest editor Lord Dobbs. During the chat, she admitted to forcing the. Prince of Wales to collaborate with her for projects ahead of Christmas.


"It was slightly a three-line whip, there was no saying no to it," Duchess Camilla was quoted by Express as saying.

"It's my husband, who is a brilliant reader, he always thinks he's very bad, but he's got a particularly good voice. So with a bit of prodding, I've managed to persuade him to read a good chunk of A Christmas Carol."

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All About Duchess Camilla's Project With Prince Charles

The Duchess of Cornwall has a passion for reading. She was promoting literacy when she appeared as a special guest on BBC Radio 4's program. The duchess was delighted with the heir apparent's involvement, she even shared footage of Prince Charles reading extracts of the classic Christmas tale on Instagram as part of her Reading Room.

Duchess Camilla launched a community during the first lockdown where she shared insights about her love for reading. She also shared a list of her favorite books.

Duchess Camilla also shared her love for reading with her grandchildren by giving them books for Christmas. She shared that she got La Belle Sauvage for her granddaughter, who is very into Philip Pullman. For the twin boys Gus and Louis, the duchess opted to give them Dracula and the Lord of the RIngs.


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Prince Charles' wife puts so much importance on reading. For her, a good book could be a good escape from one's struggles no matter what they are going through.

"If you learn to read, however difficult your life is at the time, you can pick up a book and you can escape. You can laugh, you can cry, it just takes you out of the real world and it gives you a different dimension to life," she said.

Camilla already has five grandchildren from her two children, Laura Lopes and Tom Parker. Laura and her husband Harry Lopes share Eliza, 13, and 11-year-old twins Gus and Louis. Meanwhile, Tom shares two children with his ex-wife Sara — Lola, 13, and Freddy, 11.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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