Prince Andrew To Expose King Charles' Secret Gay Life? Duke Allegedly Demands Monarch To Restore His Paycheck, Privileges

Credit: World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Disgrace British royal Prince Andrew is threatening to humiliate his relatives by revealing their dirty laundry in an embarrassing tell-all if King Charles does not restore his palace paycheck and privileges, a new report claimed.

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Prince Andrew Furious With King Charles For Being A ‘Hypocrite’?

Sources claimed that Prince Andrew has “an ax to grind” against King Charles, who booted his controversial sibling from his cushy digs in Buckingham Palace and is prepared to unveil sordid details about the monarch, such as many indiscretions during his doomed marriage to the late Princess Diana.

An unnamed insider told National Enquirer:

“People thought Prince Harry’s memoir was bad. But what Andrew can reveal about certain members of the family would blow the lid off.”

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Tipsters suggested that vengeful Prince Andrew may even address long-standing rumors about King Charles’ flings with other men – more than six years after Charles was spotted puckering up with a much younger guy. A more tattled:

“Andrew has access to information that could prove very embarrassing to Charles and, indeed, the whole family. He could uncover details about his father Prince Philip’s ties to Hitler’s Nazi regime, and he wouldn’t be unwilling to spill the darkest secrets held by his own mother, Queen Elizabeth.”

The spy claimed Prince Andrew resents King Charles for acting high and mighty when he’s a hypocrite for marrying Princess Diana in 1981 and still continued his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who later became his wife and queen consort.

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Prince Andrew Faces The Music Amid Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Most, if not all, royal fans can recall that Queen Elizabeth had stripped Prince Andrew of his royal duties prior to her shocking death last year. The Duke of York’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein tarnished his reputation.

The American financier was found lifeless in a New York City jail cell in 2019 while awaiting his sex trafficking trial. Authorities ruled Epstein died by suicide, but other investigators believe he was killed.

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Prince Andrew was later dragged to civil court after a former Jeffrey Epstein s*x slave, Virginia Giuffre, alleged that the late moneyman served her up to King Charles’ brother, who allegedly raped her when she was just 17. The Duke of York denied the charges but later coughed up a hefty settlement to avoid being dragged into court.

King Charles, since assuming the throne, has reportedly ignored the pleas of Prince Andrew to be fully reinstated in the family. So, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie's father may allegedly resort to arm twisting to get his way.

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A tattler explained:

“Andrew feels he’s suffered enough – and he’ll make others suffer if they don’t heed his warning. He’s hell-bent on saving his tattered reputation, and a tell-all book seems like the way to go. If and when it gets published, he’ll be taking down a lot of people – including the head of the British monarchy.”

Prince Andrew has yet to comment on the claims that he is sharpening a pencil to grind ax against King Charles and the other members of the royal family. So, avid followers of Sarah Ferguson’s former husband should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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