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Prince Andrew Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Son Suffered A Nervous Breakdown? Duke Of York Reportedly Can’t Handle His Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Prince Andrew is, allegedly, cracking under the pressure. After being stripped of his HRH and military titles, royal fans learned that it’s possible for his sexual abuse lawsuit to head to a jury trial in the United States. The Duke of York previously said that this is what he wants to happen because he wants to prove his innocence following Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s shocking allegations.

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Prince Andrew Could Be Sent To A Psych Ward After Suffering From A Nervous Breakdown

Globe, in its Feb. 7 issue, claimed that Prince Andrew wants to show everyone that he’s confident that he could win the case. But behind closed doors, the Duke of York has allegedly been falling apart.

“Andrew is having a nervous breakdown! He can’t handle the mess he’s created and is guilty of breaking his mother’s heart. He’s heaped hurt and humiliation on the queen, but being publicly disowned hit him like a sledgehammer. Her decision to cast him out of the royal circle is the most damning verdict of all – no matter how much he proclaims his innocence,” an unnamed source said.

The unnamed source went on to say that Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband has been inconsolable.

“Now the duke is an emotional disaster, alternating between pathetic bouts of self-pity and out-of-control screaming rages when he blames his destruction on everyone but himself. With the horrors of a no-holds-barred rape trial looming, Andrew may need to be put in a psych ward for his own protection,” the unnamed source claimed.

Prince Andrew Stressed Over Queen Elizabeth’s Lack Of Support

Prince Andrew is also, allegedly, terrified over the fact that Queen Elizabeth could no longer support him publicly as he tries to show the entire world that he’s innocent.

“Without her backing, he’s terrified about what lies ahead. She’s the one person who’s stood by him his whole life, no matter what troubles he got himself into. Now he’s on his own. The rape lawsuit is Andrew’s worst nightmare! Andrew’s lived a charmed life, but now he’s a pariah facing the poorhouse with mounting legal bills,” the unnamed source concluded.

Throughout the past couple of years, Prince Andrew has been a victim of the so-called cancel culture. Royal fans turned their backs on him and with good reason. Even if he will be proven to be innocent, there’s no denying the fact that Giuffre’s accounts also seem 100 percent believable.

Prince Andrew Finds An Unlikely Ally In Conrad Black

But in a shocking twist, some people have been expressing their support for Prince Andrew.

Conrad Black, a Canadian-born British businessman, said that the royal family shouldn’t have stripped Prince Andrew of his royal titles.

“The abandonment of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to the frenzies posthumous assault upon Jeffrey Epstein, in which all the many Canadian and other institutions and organizations that benefited from the Duke's patronage have participated, is a disgrace. For the Queen to have withdrawn from him all of the dignities exercised ex officio for centuries by the second son of the reigning monarch is not remotely justified by the almost irrelevant and inevitable fact that the Duke has been sued by a former companion of Epstein's and an American judge has declined to dismiss the charge in pre-trial proceedings,” he wrote in his piece for The New York Sun.

Black also called out Queen Elizabeth for her decision to remove her son’s titles even though Britain is known for respecting a person’s innocence until they are proven guilty.

“Britain is a country that does respect the presumption of innocence of accused persons, and it is shocking that so distinguished a monarch as Queen Elizabeth II would submit to the hare-brained and unworldly advice of those who counseled her not only to attach a completely undeserved degree of credence to these so far unfounded allegations but to put her own son over the side, prejudged and apparently abandoned by his family,” he wrote.

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Prince Andrew’s Former Staff Could Be Called To Testify

However, more people have abandoned Prince Andrew during this difficult time in his life. According to The Daily Beast, Prince Andrew’s former staff, Robert Olney could be deposed in relation to his lawsuit.

Olney was responsible for running Andrew’s diary during the time that he allegedly abused Giuffre. As such, the former staff must have some knowledge about the Duke of York’s whereabouts back then.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan already wrote a letter to the British authorities summoning Olney to cooperate in their ongoing investigation. The latter has been asked to respond to the judge until on or before April 29.

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