Prince Andrew Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Son Involved In ‘Royals For Sale’ Scandal? Had Deals With Powerful, Wealthy Clients Without Monarch’s Knowledge

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Prince Andrew has been dubbed as a disgrace to the royal family. Two years ago, he was accused of sexually abusing underage girls while with his late friend, Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York has since denied the allegations, but his critics do not believe him.

Just this week, Prince Andrew’s pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, was found guilty of helping to lure teenage girls for abuse by Epstein. Now, sources are saying that attention is on Prince Andrew and his involvement in the scandal, according to NBC News.

But even before he could reach the court or be interrogated, the Duke of York is dragged into yet another major controversy.


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In its Jan. 10 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Andrew is involved in a “royals for sale” scandal. Sarah Ferguson's ex-husband allegedly had secret dealings with his friend, David Rowland, and the two men teamed up with powerful and wealthy individuals to make huge sums of money.

Prince Andrew Has No Regard For Queen Elizabeth’s Safety

An unnamed source said that Queen Elizabeth didn’t have any knowledge of what was going on with her favorite son behind closed doors. And she didn’t also know that Prince Andrew had financial dealings that, if he’s unable to pay, would be passed on to the monarch.

“This couldn’t come at a worse time for the palace as dying Queen Elizabeth faces her last days. But once again, black sheep Andrew, her favorite son, is breaking her heart,” the unnamed source said.


Prince Andrew Tricked Wealthy Businessmen To Work With Him

Prince Andrew allegedly received $2 million to pay off a bank loan by Rowland, who happens to be the bank owner at the time.


“This stinks! This has all the elements of a ‘scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ deal. We’ve wondered how Andrew could afford his lavish lifestyle when he’s always had a modest official income. It appears he was financially rewarding for using his royal credentials to provide clients with introductions to lucrative opportunities around the world,” the unnamed source explained.

To make things worse, Prince Andrew and Rowland allegedly teamed up to woo powerful and wealthy clients to join their businesses.

“It’s also said Prince Andrew co-owned a business with them in a secretive Caribbean tax haven to be used to lure the prince’s wealthy royal contacts to invest in a tax-free off-shore fund,” the unnamed source said.

Queen Elizabeth Stays Silent On Prince Andrew’s Scandal

Prince Andrew couldn’t allegedly free himself of controversies. And it’s only a matter of time before an investigation begins to find out what his real faults and involvements were.


However, the queen has stayed mum with regards to Prince Andrew’s scandals. And all the royal family’s discussions about it take place behind closed doors.

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Prince Andrew Could Be Next After Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction

According to Metro UK, the Duke of York is holed up at Windsor Castle following Maxwell’s conviction. Sources are also saying that he must be feeling uncomfortable because he knows that the investigators will turn to him to try and find answers.

His accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, tweeted after learning that Maxwell was found guilty. She said that she’s going to pursue a case against those that abused her and one of them is the Duke of York.

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