Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Princess Eugenie’s Dad Won’t Get Support in Rebuilding Reputation; King Charles, Prince William’s Plan For Monarchy Doesn’t Include Duke of York, Expert Claims

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There are rumors that Prince Andrew wants to restore his royal title. Some claimed he wanted to return to the royal fold. However, according to a royal expert. It is unlikely to happen.

Prince Andrew Not Making A Royal Comeback Under King Charles' Reign?

Royal expert Shannon Felton Spence spoke about the future of the Duke of York under the leadership of his big brother, King Charles. According to Felton Spence, considering his sexual assault scandal, which prompted the late Queen Elizabeth to strip him of his military roles and royal patronages, there is no way back for Prince Andrew in the firm.

"I have a hard time believing anything about support from the top for Andrew rebuilding his reputation and public life," she told Fox News Digital.

"The king and Prince of Wales [Prince William] know how damaging he is, and they made it known even before the queen's death that they would not tolerate him or entertain any path back to public life."

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"Andrew can have his PR team spin out all the stories possible about what the queen's wishes were. The cold hard truth is that there's a new boss in town. Look, Charles' plans for the future of the monarchy never included Andrew. Even before all this. A slimmed-down monarchy focusing on value for the public was only ever going to include Charles, his sons and their families. Now with Prince Harry out, we can expect the primary focus of the monarchy to increasingly be the king, the queen consort, as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales."

She believed that King Charles would invite Prince Andrew to the coronation. However, when it comes to the disgraced royal regaining his regal status, the expert said, "He cannot and will not, regardless of coronation."

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Prince Andrew Wanted To Restore Royal Title For Business Ventures?

Last year, the Queen banned Prince Andrew from using his royal title. However, one source claimed to Daily Mail that he was perplexed as to why he could not regain his HRH title, even if he insisted he had done nothing wrong.

The Duke of York is reportedly planning to use his royal title low-key to see his brother King Charles' reaction. He reportedly wanted it back as he planned to pursue various business ventures.

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"It is more likely that he will just start using it again in a low-key way to test the waters – should he get the King's consent," the anonymous source said.

The source said King Charles doesn't want to stir up trouble by formally announcing the change of status in Prince Andrew's case.

Will King Charles restore his brother's HRH title?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Andrew and King Charles.

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