Preview for Pringles' Rick and Morty Super Bowl Ad Leads to Fans Asking About Season 4

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Rick and Morty Season 4 released its first five episodes to critical acclaim, as usual, and there are a lot of fans who are impatiently waiting for the second half. The only indication we got is that the next batch of episodes will be coming out this year, which is better than nothing. As we wait for more details, a preview for Pringles' Rick and Morty Super Bowl ad has riled up a lot of fans, leading to them wondering where the second half of season 4 is.

And people wonder why the first episode criticized its toxic and alt-right fans…

The ad is actually pretty short, having a robot Morty teach other robots that look like Morty about how "Cheddar + BBQ Wavy + Sour Cream Onion = 3 Layer Dip Stack." It's humorous how Justin Roiland is able to say the phrase so fast in Morty's voice and we're going to assume that this took a countless number of takes for the voice actor and co-creator.

Considering how well-written and layered some of the jokes for Rick and Morty, it's pretty easy to see why the show takes so long to make. Still, when you consider that they signed a 70 episode deal, it's also easy to see why so many people are impatient about the seasons coming out.

Just rest assured knowing that we'll be getting more Rick and Morty in the future. The fact that this is something bothering you means your life is fine right now. Rick and Morty Season 4, the first half anyway, can now be streamed on Adult Swim and Netflix in certain countries.

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