12 Feb 2018 12:26 PM +00:00 UTC

Power Rangers Actor Wanted for Nightwing Role

Though it may be a while before production gets started, Nightwing director Chris McKay has already been reaching out to fans for ideas for who should play Dick Grayson. As it turns out, fans are now rooting for this Power Rangers actor Yoshi Sudarso.

Sudarso has posted up this photo of himself doing some mid-air splits with a picture of Nightwing to compare. Check it out:

According to ComicBook, fans who want Sudarso to play the part have started hashtagging #YoshiForNightwing. Some have even been tagging McKay in old Power Rangers videos of Sudaro doing some martial arts work.

Sudaro had previously played the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Charge and HyperForce. In a recent poll posted up by McKay of what's the most important factor about who should play Nightwing, the top of the poll said that the new Nightwing actor should be able to do some kick-ass martial arts—something that Sudaro has displayed well in his Power Rangers work.


I think Sudaro would be great for the role, but I have a feeling that his Asian heritage will spark some bit of controversy with the fanbase. McKay has also said that he wants whoever to play Grayson to be Romani. Then again, things could change.

No release date has been announced for the Nightwing movie.

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