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Power Book IV: Force: Where is 2-Bit?

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While Liliana from Power Book IV: Force was a significant throwback, there are certainly additional characters we're still yet to see. Take 2-Bit, for example. Is there someone in particular that people would like to see more onboard?

Tommy Egan Starts Anew in Power Book IV: Force

According to Joseph Sikora, who plays the New York City gangster, Power Book IV: Force is set after Tommy left Tariq in the graveyard in Power Book II: Ghost Season 1.

While en route to California, he makes a stop in Chicago "to close an old wound that's been haunting him for decades," according to the logline (via Deadline). However, the journey "turns into a labyrinth of family secrets and lies Tommy thought were long buried."

Will 2-Bit be in Power Book IV: Force?

In Power, 2-Bit (Michael J. Ferguson) became someone Tommy could always rely on in these situations. Unfortunately, he does not appear in Power Book IV: Force — at least not in season 1. In response to the query on Instagram Live, Sikora stated that "as far as Tommy knows, 2-Bit is still in the joint," but he also stated that any living character could appear in the future.

We agree that the Power timeline can be a little unclear, but based on what we've seen on Force thus far, all of these events occurred prior to Tommy's return to New York at the end of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1. We know that at that time period, 2-Bit was attempting to extort Tariq, and there wasn't much evidence that he was about to flee with Tommy.

Of course, anything is still possible with him in the future, and how much we see him on Force may depend on how much ground is covered over the season. We hope he shows up eventually, but we're content to wait for now. After all, much of that is due to our enjoyment of the present story.

It remains to be seen whether Tommy's former acquaintances will participate in his show. Regardless, there appear to be a lot of exciting things in store for viewers.

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