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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4: Storm Clouds Expectations

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Credit: TV Promos/YouTube

Tommy Egan could be in even more trouble when Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4 airs on Starz this weekend. This episode's title is Storm Clouds, and doesn't it conjure up a specific mood for the plot as a whole? At least, that's what we'd like to believe.

What We Know About Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4

As we know, Tommy has partnered up with Lilianna (Audrey Esparza) to bring the Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI) and the Flynn Family together in order to work together and control Chicago's drug scene.

The official description for Storm Clouds reads: “Tommy’s new friend remains at the mercy of a resurgent and notorious criminal organization, led by a bloodthirsty old enemy from Tommy’s New York days.”

We have no idea who this old foe is, but given Tommy's temper, he's angered a lot of people, and we're not surprised that someone is out to harm him.

Based on what we've seen of the show thus far, one of Force's main tasks is to keep Tommy on his toes. That is something we are well aware of. This is a character that is continually putting himself in danger, and part of the fun of watching him is figuring out how he gets out of it. As the show progresses, it appears that there will be more opportunities to view this.

When to Watch Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4?

Diamond recovered his post as the head of CBI in the third episode of Power Book IV: Force. His brother Jenard, on the other hand, looks to be plotting against him. Furthermore, it looks like the FBI is looking into the Flynn family, and Tommy has been caught communicating with them.

Gloria (Gabrielle Ryan) continues to hook up with Tommy despite her inability to let go of Vic (Shane Harper). Claudia (Lili Simmons) appears to be planning something behind her father's back, while JP (Anthony Flemming) discloses that he's in serious financial trouble.

In Tommy's new surroundings, there is a lot going on. It’s a good thing Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4 is expected to air on Starz and the Starz app on Feb. 27.


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