Possible Spoilers For Ghostbusters Reboot Leaked

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A Redditor who claims to have worked on the production of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters rebbot says he's seen an early cut of the movie, and he posted a lot of spoilers on how the story goes. It's not surprising that someone already knows the details of the story, but he could be making this up, so let's treat this as a rumor for now.

Here's a summary of interesting spoilers he shared:

> Ernie Hudson plays Leslie Jones' uncle. He's a funeral director that supplies the team with their car that we see in the trailer.
> Rowen, the film's villain, starts out in the story as a human. He's been bullied is whole life and he builds a machine that can focus supernatural energy. It breaks the barrier between the living and the dead. He wants to release as many ghost as he can to torment the living and he eventually becomes a ghost himself about halfway through the film. Apparently these pestering ghosts are tearing apart people's flesh.
> Chris Hemsworth's character gets possessed and helps Rowen release all of the ghost into the world from his machine. Apparently there's a scene that pays homage to Rick Moraines when he was possessed in the first Ghostbusters film when he turns around and snarls with glowing eyes. Only instead of Moraines, it's Hemsworth.
> Hemsworth ends up controling the city with his ghost powers and at one point makes an army of ghosts dance with him to "You should be Dancing", by the Bee Gees.

Here's what he said about the cameos from the original cast:

Bill Murray = a Skeptic. His lines arent good and he's kinda stiff "WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING TO CATCH GHOSTS??!! THATA GIRL!!!" he gets killed when pushed out a window by the rock concert dragon ghost. He convinced the GGB's to let it out as proof in their tiny chinese restaurant HQ. (Did I mention everyone is stupid in this movie?)
Dan Aykroyd = Cab driver who refuses to drive them when NYC is in havoc "I aint 'fraid of no ghosts" he says in a hard NY accent. This scene was alright.
Annie Potts = Now a hotel lobby clerk answering the phone WHATTAYA WANT??
Sigourney Weaver = A mentor of McKinnon who is disappointed but approves of McKinnon's work at the end of the movie

He also said that the film will end with a Zuul tease that will set up the future of the franchise. You can see the rest of the full list of spoilers on Reddit here.


Ghostbusters will be released in theaters on July 22.