Possible New Details of Next Harry Potter Game Leaked Online

Though it's been years since the Harry Potter movie franchise ended, WB is still doing its best to make the Wizarding World relevant to today's audiences. Leaks have come out before of an incoming Harry Potter RPG, and while news has been silent, a new leak is sparking interest online.

An alleged marketer for WB had posted on Reddit details for a game called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, and says that the game will be taking place after the events of The Deathly Hallows. Here's the post:

Harry Potter RPG Details

It's said that you get to customize your own student in the Hogwarts campus, and you get to play from the beginning of the year all through graduation. Each Hogwarts house is said to come with a unique quest line, and you should expect appearances from familiar faces of the franchise—even Harry Potter himself.

While Potter is generally a kid-friendly franchise, it's said that Dark Legacy is aimed at adults who had grown up to reading the books in their youth. Expect more mature themes to be followed in the story, with a rating expected to be T or even M.

As for setting, not only do you get to traverse Hogwarts, but it's said you can also go through other locations in the books like the village Hogsmeade as well as the Ministry of Magic. It's also worth noting that you can play Quidditch in the game every year, with unique rewards to follow.

We don't have any official confirmation for the leak, but until we get an announcement, this is all we really have. Rumor has it that a reveal for Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy is being planned for August with a release date set for June 2021.

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