Possible Look at Michael Biehn’s Costume from The Mandalorian

News had just dropped that Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehn has been cast in The Mandalorian, and like everything else from the second season, we have yet to have a look at his costume. What's interesting is, Making Star Wars' Jason Ward has given us a mock-up of what Biehn's costume could look like.

He reveals it in this video:

We have to take the image with a grain of salt for now, but it does seem to lineup with all the other costumes we've seen on the show. Seeing that Star Wars has always drawn influence from Samurai films, you can say that the character's helmet is very ‘shogun-like', and he also has a holster for a gun in his front like Mayfeld did in the first season.

We don't know yet how significant Biehn's part is going to be, but it's said that he'll be someone from the Mando's past. With the first season showing us an old friend-turned-enemy, it would be nice to see an old acquaintance of the Mando who isn't out to get him.

I personally love bounty hunters, and I think they add a nice clash to the characters besides the rebels and the Empire. With the Force users usually at the center of the franchise, I opt to enjoy characters who are just normal guys like pilots and mercenaries for hire.

Catch the second season of The Mandalorian when it debuts on Disney+ this October.

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