27 Mar 2017 2:58 PM +00:00 UTC

Pornhub Has Every Star Wars Film Uploaded For Streaming

Porn isn't the only thing internet users can find on Pornhub. Oddly enough, Star Wars fans can also hop on to the site to watch every movie from Lucasfilm, from New Hope to Rogue One.

Users have been uploading a lot of Hollywood films on the adult site, and according to a report by Gizmodo, every Star Wars movie is available for fans to stream for free – well, that's if they can stand all of the different "Star Whore" and penis enlargement ads that is.

"My original plan was to upload movies I've downloaded to YouTube as an unlisted video so I could just share the links between friends and family," writes Pornhub user Freeentertainment, the uploader of all of the Star Wars movies on the site, "it didn't work so I decided to upload a movie here just to see what would happen."


The Force Awakens has been viewed close to 60,000 times on Pornhub, a surprisingly strong number of views.

Star Wars movies aren't the only ones on there. The adult site also has Disney PG-rated films like Big Hero 6 and Moana free for streaming too. There's also a slew of Marvel movies like Dr. Strange and Avengers: Age of Ultron. There's even a copy of Step Brothers.

Reddit community r/FullMoviesOnPornhub have been keeping a list of Hollywood films available on the site, so those who're interested in checking what's on the site before scouring PornHub can head on right there.

Viewers would probably prefer a good torrent over streaming in an adult site, but well, if you're curious and brave enough, then why not right? To each his own.

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