06 Mar 2017 1:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Political Attack Ad Criticizes Congressional Candidate For Cosplaying As Han Solo

Image Credit: CLFSuperPAC/YouTube

It looks like cosplaying as Star Wars' slickest smuggler Han Solo doesn't sit too well with the GOP.

Tom Price, the former U.S. Representative for Georgia's 6th congressional district has just left Congress to take on the role as the 23rd US Secretary of Health and Human Services and now a special election is being held to help fill out the vacant seat Prince is leaving on Capitol Hill. Scheduled for April 18, the special election is between Repulican State senator Judson Hill, and Jon Ossof, a former Congressional Aide who's running under the Democrat Party.

As the election draws neigh, both parties have been amping up their campaigns, and a CLFSuperPAC attack ad shaming Ossof has made its way online. The ad tries to put the former Aide down, heavily implying that Ossof's college endeavors cosplaying as Han Solo and playing lightsaber battles with his friends are signs that he's not serious enough and that he's not ready to run for Congress.

Check out the attack ad down here:


Littered with faux Star Wars fans and dubbed by an intimidating voice actor, the video definitely wants to make it seem as if Ossof is an immature choice for a candidate because of his love for Star Wars and for his time in college. What are your thoughts on the ad?

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