Police Department Blames the Joker for Clown Epidemic

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Folks dresses as clowns running around and terrorizing people has become a bit of epidemic lately. Folks in the United Kingdom took some steps to address the problem and now a similar thing is happeing in the United States. The police in Fairport, New York feel they've identified the root cause of the "crazy clown epidemic": Batman's eternal nemesis, The Joker.

The police released a statement on Facebook saying that they believe these unruly clowns are henchmen of the Clown Prince of Crime himself. And they know the perfect solution: Batman himself. Now anyone who sees suspicious Clown activity can count on the Caped Crusader for a rescue. Read the full Facebook post, coupled with a picture of Bats himself, below:

As you can see, the post is merely a cute way to spread awareness of the problem and likely to reassure children scared by the clown invasion. This being the internet though, that hasn't stopped a commenter from declaring the police department a "desgrace" (sic) and admonishing them for "unprofessional behavior". The department responded: "Our mission was to build bridges with the community that we serve. We apologize, but you have missed our message and the point of this."


Hopefully Bat-Policeman's presence will ensure a safe and happy Halloween for the kids. It's a good step to take, especially when the clown problem has gotten so bad that one city in Kansas banned them completely. The Joker should have stayed in Gotham.

I find the Facebook post pretty amusing. What do you think of the stunt? Do you have any thoughts on all this clowning around?