Pokémon GO Halloween Event Officially Announced, Gen 3 Pokémon Confirmed

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It turns out thedataminers were right, as Niantic has officially announced this month's Pokemon GO Halloween event. Like the dataminers predicted, the event will introduce the first batch of Gen 3 Pokemon with more of them coming in December, which is a big surprise. Since it is a Halloween event, the first group of Gen 3 monsters will be ghost-type to fit the theme.

Niantic has confirmed that Sableye, Banette, Duskull, and more for this month. The rest of the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire are going to be in the game as early as December, so there is a lot of things fans have to look forward to. Pokemon like Drowzee, Cubone, and Gastly will be more rampant throughout the event, so that's great for fans that want to evolve their monsters.

Like previous events, there will be a special Pikachu for the event. This little cutie will have a witch/wizard hat on, though it won't be any more powerful than a regular version of Pikachu. Players can also get more candy than normal by having the avatar wear Mimikyu's Disguise Hat.

The Pokemon GO event starts on October 20 and will go until November 2. Fans can download the game now on iOS and Android.

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