Pokevision and Other Pokemon Go Trackers Shut Down For Unknown Reasons

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Pokevision and other Pokemon Go tracking websites just shut down Saturday after the latest update from the game. Players typically use these "Poketrackers" to find specific spawn zones of Pokemon. These tracking sites could also tell how long the monsters will be available for. This helps the player track the creatues faster than the functionality that the game offers.

As Kotaku reports, the cause is unclear but it seems that most of the major sites received cease-and-desist letters telling them to stop offering services to players.


Many players prefer to use the Pokemon Go tracking sites over the game's functionality, not just because of the utility, but because, unlike Niantic, fan-led trackers kept players informed about any downtime:

Pokevision shared updates on Twitter that sound discouraging:

When Forbes asked Pokevision proprietor Yangcheng Liu if Pokevision will be down indefinitely, he said, "possibly could be."

So what's your opinion about this news? Do you think Pokevision and other trackers deserved to get shut down?

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