Pokemon-Style MMO Temtem Gets Animated Launch Trailer

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Pokemon Sword and Shield might have sold well and received rave reviews from critics but there is a section of fans who don't like the latest effort from Game Freak. While the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass looks to solve a lot of problems fans had, many still don't like the base game enough to give the DLC a shot. Thankfully, it looks like Humble Bundle has the answer many angry fans are looking for since their Pokemon-like MMO Temtem could be the alternative gamers have been asking for.

Temtem will be available on Steam Early Access starting tomorrow on January 21. Currently, the game is only slated for a PC release though its eventual popularity could lead to future releases on consoles like the Nintendo Switch. It's very similar to Pokemon, complete with a professor who lets you choose a starter, an obnoxious rival, and NPCs who challenge you to battle after you lock eyes.


Humble Bundle has released a launch trailer animated anime-style to celebrate it coming to Early Access, though that means it still has a ways to go. We're going to assume that there are a number of bugs preventing it from getting an official release and most of us are fine with the folks at Humble Bundle taking their time to make sure this is a fine product.

As a Sword and Shield apologist, I do wish Game Freak were allowed this much time and effort for their Pokemon games but it's just not meant to be. When you produce a game that's part of a billion-dollar franchise, you're simply not given this amount of time.

Temtem is now available on Steam but only through Early Access.

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