Pokemon Masters Mobile Game Gets August Release Date

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Pokemon Masters, the latest mobile game based on this immensely popular franchise, finally has a release date. Turns out fans won't have to wait long as DeNA has announced that the game will come out next month on August 29. If that wasn't enough to get fans of the series excited, there is also a pre-register option, so players will be informed when the game will be available on their phone, hopefully with a bonus or two.

This is going to be a worldwide launch, so no matter where you are, there's a good chance that the game will be available in your area. Most of the Pokemon mobile games are available around the world so the same thing should ring true for Masters. It's the closest thing mobile gamers have to a proper Pokemon RPG on their phones so this is pretty neat.


Rather than have a player take on battles by themselves, this game has trainers team up for three-on-three battles. Players can team up with famous trainers from the various Pokemon games along with one of their partner Pokemon, though DeNA has stated that there will be special bonuses that can allow them to switch their monsters up.

After months of waiting, we finally know when Pokemon Masters will be coming out. The game will be available on iOS and Android.

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