Pokemon Home is Giving Away All Three Sword and Shield Starters

Pokemon Home has hesitantly welcomed by fans of the franchise, despite how wonky it can be. While it's easy enough to transfer Pokemon from the game to this app, it's annoying how fans hoping to trade through Home will have to use their phones and not their Switch's. Still, the app has been giving fans some great gifts, with the most recent one actually giving players all three Sword and Shield starter Pokemon.

These aren't just your typical versions of Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey since they have hidden abilities that weren't available until now. Just in time for The Isle of Armor expansion!

Grookey gets Grassy Surge, which lets the Pokemon set up Grassy Terrain at the start of a battle, giving the starter a huge advantage. Scorbunny has Libero, which lets the Pokemon change its type to the attacks it does, making them do more damage in the process. Finally, Sobble has Sniper, which increases the damage of its critical attacks.

Accessing all three Pokemon is pretty easy. All you have to do is transfer a Pokemon from Sword or Shield to Home. Then, go to the mobile app version of Pokemon Home and get the starters via the Mystery Gift function. It's weird how you can't just access the Pokemon from the Switch version of Home but that's something one can adapt too.

Pokemon Home is now available. It starts out free but has various paid tiers, which is pretty annoying. Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available on Nintendo Switch, with The Isle of Armor expansion coming out on June 17.

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