Pokemon Go Maximum Power Stats Released

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A Pokemon Go wikia called Gamepress has released the maximum Combat Power stats for each Pokemon. Combat Power, or CP, refers to the attack and defense stats of the Pokemon. Basically the higher the Pokemon's combat power, the stronger it is in battle.

Gamepress bases its idea of maxium combat power off of the combat power of Pokemon with full individual values (the Pokemon equivalent of "genes" that detemines their stats, basically similar to base stats) who have been nurtured by trainers at the highest level in Pokemon Go, level 40.


It was found that extremely common Pokemon, like Weedle and Zubat, had a max combat power well below 1000, usually in the 400-600 range. The Pokemon with the lowest max combat power was Magikarp, who could only get 262.70. However, its evolution, Gyrados, has an extremely high max of 2688.89.

The Pokemon with the highest maximum combat power was the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, but these stats are only theoretical, as Mewtwo has yet to be disocovered. The theoretical maximum was 4144.75. The strongest Pokemon that's actually been discovered is Dragonite at 3,500.06. Mew is the second strongest at 3299.17. Moltres comes in third at 3240.47.

It's not that surprising that common Pokemon are weaker and Legendaries are among the strongest, but I am surprised Mew wasn't the strongest Pokemon discovered so far. What do you think of these combat power stats? Will Mewtwo ever be discovered?

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