Pokémon GO Hits $5 Billion on its 5th Anniversary

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Credit: Pokémon GO
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There was that point in time where people were wandering around the streets looking busy on their phones and when you check out what they are doing, they were playing Pokémon GO. As fast as time passed, the game is already celebrating its fifth anniversary and since its launch, it hits $5 billion with more to go as it has yet to reach its highest point.


Pokémon GO has been a staple title ever since the mobile game launched in 2016. It managed to break through the ceiling as it was able to make people who had never been engaged in the Pokémon franchise play the game and it was a massive hit that people wander around trying to "catch them all."

Pokémon GO has since made progress with the second Pokémania and the Pokémon Trading Card Game went wild that cards have been sold-out in stores and the prices go high as the skies. With Pokémon GO engaging the fandom once more, it has been a clear path for the franchise as it even helped with the launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield, the first mainline Pokémon game which could be played on a home console, the Nintendo Switch.

As it breaches the $5 billion mark on its 5th anniversary, Pokémon GO proves to be one of the most profitable media franchises in existence that even when the pandemic has hit, the game only sky-rocketed thereon making $641 million just in the first half of this year, and a billion in 2020.

Happy 5th anniversary, Pokémon GO!


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