Pokemon Fan Shares Heartwarming Story About a Gengar Plushie

Despite a spooky backstory and several fan theories about the Pokemon being eviler than Hitler, Gengar sure is a cutie eh? The ghost-type Pokemon has been popular with fans since its inception, thanks to its creepily cute design and how you could only get it through trading. Fans were overjoyed when Ash finally caught a Gengar during the Pokemon Journeys anime and it seems like that won't be the only heartwarming story involving this smiling ghost.

An Amazon review for this Gengar plushie has been making the rounds on Twitter. The reviewer gave it a five-star review, with the headline saying "Perfect, absolutely perfect," before detailing how the plushie managed to comfort the reviewer's girlfriend during an earthquake. Apparently, its soft and quality material made it good for calming down someone during something scary, which is always a plus.

While plushies and other toys are often sold to make money, the fact that they can provide some comfort like this shows that capitalism isn't all bad. In all seriousness, this is just such a heartwarming story and we're glad that this Gengar plushie managed to make someone feel less scared during an anxious situation.

It also helps that this Gengar plushie is cuter than a button too. Maybe I should get myself one…

Pokemon Journeys: The Serieswill be coming to Netflix this June.

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