PlayStation 5 Event Possibly Moved to Thursday

Sony was ready for their big announcement of the PlayStation 5 last week, but because of the #BlackLiveMatter movement taking over the internet, they had to cancel. The good news is, it looks like the delay won't be for too long.

As spotted on an ad in Twitch (via Fandom), it looks like Sony is moving their announcement to June 11. Here's the post:

No doubt Sony will probably make an official announcement soon via their other channels; it's just a matter of time. While the #BLM protests are still ongoing, I understand that Sony is running on a schedule that would optimize their promotion for the PS5, and delaying the announcement any further would risk messing up their plans. If anything, it was a good enough gesture that they canceled their initial date in the first place. In the meantime, the machine has to resume chugging.

While we know some things about the PS5, the overall details about the console are still a mystery. At this point, it looks like Sony is not too concerned about backward compatibility and is focused on pushing games forward. While we should also expect the PS5 to be more powerful than the PS4, word has been going around that the Xbox Series X is definitely the more powerful of the two. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if that's true though.

If anything, the PlayStation still dominates on the exclusive's end and people are expecting announcements for God of War 5 and Spider-Man 2 to come with the console reveal. It's just a guess for now, but hopefully, we get at least one of those games.

The PlayStation 5 is rumored for a big reveal this Thursday. The console is expected to launch this winter season.

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